Genevieve Ryan & Discovery Playtime

Before & After Website Transformations

Discover how we revitalized Genevieve Ryan’s dance school website, enhancing its design, mobile optimization, and user experience. Explore the website revamp of Discovery Playtime, including improved e-commerce functionalities and successful retargeting strategies. See the before & after results for yourself.

Website Revamp for Genevieve Ryan

After the website redesign, Genevieve’s dance school website now boasts a modern and visually appealing design, effectively showcasing various classes and accolades. With optimized mobile responsiveness and an integrated online booking system, students can easily book classes, saving time for both Genevieve and her clients. Additionally, strategic SEO implementation ensures high search engine rankings and increased online visibility.

Website Revamp for Discovery Playtime

Discover how we transformed Discovery Playtime’s website by enhancing its e-commerce capabilities. By integrating a spinning wheel plugin and implementing retargeting ad pixels, we increased customer engagement and boosted sales. The addition of new relevant SEO content further optimized the website’s performance, attracting more visitors and generating valuable leads.

How We Help Our Clients


Our team helps you apply for the Trading Online Voucher, which covers half the marketing costs for your website’s redesign.

New Design

We create a visually appealing and mobile-optimized website with upgraded e-commerce features, improving user experience.


Through comprehensive keyword research, we enhance search engine visibility, utilizing both front-end and back-end optimization techniques.

Retargeted Ads

We implement retargeted ads to effectively bring back previous customers, maximizing conversion rates and boosting sales.

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What Our Clients Say

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