Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy

Website Case Study

When Genevieve came to us, her dance school’s website was not effectively showcasing all the great things her school had to offer. Our team helped Genevieve apply for the Trading Online Voucher to cover half the costs and then worked on redesigning her website to give it a more impactful web design that would catch visitors’ attention and inspire them to find out more about her thriving dance school.

The Before & After of Genevieve Ryan's Website Redesign

Genevieve’s goals were to redesign her website’s aesthetics to properly reflect her school’s vibrant nature and integrate an online booking system to make it easy for students to book classes at their convenience while saving her time spent answering multiple phone calls.

Inside the Design Process - A Timeline of The Website Makeover

At The Roadmap, we understand that a beautifully designed website alone won’t attract new customers. For any website to be discoverable, it must be optimised for SEO. Therefore, we made sure to optimise every page of Genevieve Ryan’s website on the front and back end to ensure it would rank highly in Google’s search results for all the important keywords we targeted.

Our new web design is, of course, fully optimised for mobile, ensuring the user experience is flawless across all devices, making a big impact on their conversion rates. Meanwhile, we continue to work on Genevieve Ryan’s advanced SEO strategies, ensuring they keep a hold of the top spot for the long haul.

Week 1

Week one was all about brainstorming ideas and creating a mockup web design to show to Genevieve, allowing her to get back to us with any adjustments she’d like to make.

Week 2-3

We got to work on the necessary changes proposed by Genevieve, who then approved the mock-up design.

Week 3-5

Once approved, we got to work redesigning the website to properly showcase the dance school’s variety of classes and accolades, highlighting the school’s strengths and giving it value.

Week 5-7

By this point, Genevieve’s website had been built and optimised for SEO, with just a few last touches to be made. We sent Genevieve a link to a staging site where she could see how her final website would look on desktop, mobile and tablet, demonstrating how each would deliver an equally good user experience.

Week 8

Final touches were made, and the dance school’s site was made live! Genevieve was thrilled with the result and even more thrilled in the weeks and months to come witnessing the increase in new customers finding her school’s website. Success!

Top Style's Journey to Top Google Rankings for Salon Furniture in Dublin" to "Genevieve's Journey to Top Google Rankings for Dance Schools in Galway

To revamp Genevieve Ryan’s website, we used the following strategies:
  • Helped Genevieve successfully apply for the Trading Online Voucher to cover half her marketing costs
  • Redesigned her website and integrated an online booking system to facilitate easy class bookings
  • Optimised the website for mobile so that it would perform well across all devices
  • Optimised each website page for SEO to ensure it could be found by all of Genevieve’s ideal customers searching for a dance school like hers.

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