Overview Success Story

Relaxing Therapies

Dominating The Massage & Wellness Industry in South Dublin

Relaxing Therapies, based in South Dublin, specializes in massage, facial treatments, and Reiki. Facing tough competition in the area and lacking online visibility, they approached us for a complete transformation. Their goals were to have a luxurious website, attract more customers online, and establish effective communication with a reliable marketing agency.

Past Challenges

Having worked with other marketing companies before, Angelika, the owner, had a subpar experience. Their basic website lacked proper SEO, resulting in low rankings and limited online customer acquisition. They sought a strong and SEO-friendly website and a continuous flow of new customers, which our services aimed to fulfill.

Struggling to rank highly on Google

Subpar previous experiences with marketing agencies

Website Redesign - New Features

We completely revamped Relaxing Therapies’ website, focusing on luxurious design and enhanced user experience. New features, such as easy navigation, attractive visuals, and engaging content, were incorporated to captivate potential customers and improve conversions.

SEO Strategies

After auditing her current website, we prepared a detailed report on the SEO fundamentals that needed to be put in place so that her potential customers could find her easier on Google Search. So, implementing comprehensive SEO strategies, we targeted relevant keywords to boost Angelika’s search engine rankings. Our team optimized the website’s content and meta tags, both on the front & back end, ensuring higher online visibility.

SEO Results

With our SEO efforts, Relaxing Therapies significantly improved their keyword rankings. Keywords like “full body massage gift voucher Dublin,” “massage gift voucher Dublin,” and “holistic therapy Dublin” climbed from past 50th positions to 2nd and 4th rankings, attracting more potential clients and boosting their online presence.

Before SEO

September 2021

Where they ranked before we started

  • full body massage
    gift voucher Dublin
    Past 50th
  • massage gift voucher Dublin Past 50th
  • holistic therapy Dublin Past 50th
  • holistic therapist Dublin Past 50th
  • massage therapy Dublin Past 50th

After SEO

May 2023

Where they ranked after

  • full body massage
    gift voucher Dublin
  • massage gift voucher Dublin 2nd
  • holistic therapy Dublin 4th
  • holistic therapist Dublin 5th
  • massage therapy Dublin 8th

SEO Success Story

Reaching the top of Google with wellness SEO

With fierce competition in the wellness industry, Relaxing Therapies wanted to be found online as a trustworthy provider of relaxation and rejuvenation. Through our SEO efforts, they’ve made remarkable progress in keyword rankings. Key phrases such as “full body massage gift voucher Dublin,” “massage gift voucher Dublin,” and “holistic therapy Dublin” have surged from positions beyond 50 to secure 2nd and 4th rankings. Here’s how we did it.


Optimized websites bringing in new customers


Businesses around the globe trusting our expertise

Training & Social Media

When we started, Angelika was already managing her social media accounts by herself. However, for better conversions, she asked us to train and guide her on handling newsletters and social media more effectively. Our team accepted, and additionally, we collaborated on various promotions, including gift vouchers and packages, to enhance customer engagement during special occasions like Christmas.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Taking charge of newsletters, we ensured well-crafted content that resonated with their audience, keeping them informed about new offers and services. Currently, we continue to assist Relaxing Therapies with newsletters and occasional ad campaigns. Our goal is to maintain their online visibility, improve customer retention, and attract new clients.

Google My Business

Last but not least – one of our foundational essentials was to create a well-optimized Google My Business Profile. We optimized it using relevant information and accurate descriptions, providing high-quality imagery to enhance their local visibility, especially in South Dublin.

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Relaxing Therapies now enjoys a thriving online presence and continuous customer flow in Dublin’s competitive wellness industry. If you seek a similar marketing approach for your wellness business, schedule a consultation with us today. We’ll analyze your needs and come up with a master plan to get you ranking high on Google’s search results.