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Why do we aim for Google’s first page? Simply, because it’s where your potential customers are looking. High rankings are not just about bragging rights – they’re about increased visibility, more website visitors, and, ultimately, higher revenue. Our approach focuses on what matters to Google to get you there: relevant keywords, user intent, internal links, high-quality backlinks, and a responsive design. And it all starts with laying the proper foundations.

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First, you need to be found online and then be chosen – approximately 90% of people don’t scroll past the first page of Google search results. Whether you’re a bakery or a tech startup, your online visibility hinges on where you appear in search results. Once again, don’t just take our word for it – see real examples of clients who went from being buried on Google’s 50th page to proudly occupying the 1st position. And we don’t stop there, we work tirelessly, auditing and optimising to ensure our clients reach and maintain that coveted top spot.
ClientKeywordPast RankingNew Ranking
Top Style

Salon Mirrors and Fixtures in South DublinPast 50th1st
Miller Cake StudioCake Shop KildarePast 50th2nd
FuturagPlant Pro IrelandPast 50th1st
Alan DaltonIrish jewellery brand DungarvanPast 50th1st
The CadLabCNC machine laser DublinPast 50th2nd
Lalli & Moo Fashion AccessoriesItalian leather bags in LeinsterPast 50th2nd
IOMSTMarket Sales in DublinPast 50th2nd
Mannion Solicitorsemployment rights DundrumPast 50th3rd
Heritage & Architectural Roofing Solutionsroofing solutions BournemouthPast 50th3rd
The CadLabcnc laser cutting dublinPast 50th3rd
FuturagAlternative Fertilizers IrelandPast 50th6th
Mannion SolicitorsSports Contract Disputes DundrumPast 50th6th
Training & Testing Providerstraining providers LimerickPast 50th7th
Training & Testing Providerscrane appointed person MunsterPast 50th8th
Mannion Solicitorssolicitors for sports injuries South DublinPast 50th8th

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