Learn what digital foundations your business is missing

What does the checkup include?

9 out of 10 businesses don’t have these following digital foundations in place

Ranking high on Google:

To rank in the top 3 businesses when someone searches for your services or products on Google.

Mobile optimised website:

Most visitors on your website are using their mobile. The experience must be easy for people to use on all devices.

Reviews in automation:

All of your happy customers should be automatically asked to write reviews. People trust people, not businesses.

Lead generating website:

Your website must make it straightforward for people to find the information they need to know before making the decision to contact you.

SEO Fundamentals:

The one-time task of optimising your website ensures that Google rewards you by increasing your rank instead of penalising you and making your website difficult to find.

Google My Business (aka Google Maps account):

Control what people see when they find you on Google. The photos, reviews and info about your business must represent your business as it should be.

9 out of 10 business don’t have these foundations done correctly

The path

When working with us, expect a straightforward process that adapts to your business needs.

Check up:

Understand missing parts of your digital foundations, get important info and solutions.

Establish solid foundations:

Ensure you're on the right path and see results with proper foundations.

Track your success:

Receive regular updates on your progress and monitor online growth.

Continue growing:

Create and implement a strategy for continued momentum and consistent growth.

Customer testimonials

90% of businesses we work with didn’t know that their digital foundations were not set properly.

90% of businesses we work with didn’t know that their digital foundations were not set properly.


Why are the foundations important?
To start seeing results from your website and online presence, the basics have to be done first so that you are on the right path. Over 85% of businesses we speak to for the first time have not got the foundations done properly. Before moving onto ads, social media, more SEO, or any advanced strategy, the foundations have to be done correctly to get optimal results.
What does the checkup include?
The checkup includes crucial information about your website and where you rank on Google for what your business does. We explain any problems as simply as possible with no jargon, and offer solutions along with an estimated timeline for implementation.
How long does it take our team to put together the checkup report for you?
It typically takes our team 1-2 business days to complete the research and put together the report.
How long does it take to complete the foundations?
The time it takes to complete the foundations depends on the work that needs to be done. If no foundations have been laid or a total revamp is needed, it takes 6-10 weeks. If most foundations are already done correctly, it may only take 1-3 weeks. If half of the foundations have been done correctly, it will take between 3-6 weeks.
How long until we start to see results?
Once the foundations are implemented, you will start to see your business move up the rankings within 1-3 weeks. We will send reports to keep you updated on progress.
How much does it cost to complete the foundations?
The cost of completing the foundations will depend on the extent of the work needed. We strive to keep our prices competitive so that getting started on the right path is affordable, and the return on investment is high. Our primary objective is to help your business make a return on investment.
How are we different from other agencies or freelancers?
We refuse to work on any advanced marketing or advertising strategies until your foundations are done correctly and you have started to see results. We strongly believe in educating small business owners about the roadmap their business should take because every business has a unique situation.