Miller Cake Studio & Liam Forde Outdoor Kitchens

SEO Keyword Rankings Transformation

Explore the success stories of two Irish suppliers, Miller Cake Studio and Liam Forde Outdoor Kitchens, as they leveraged strategic SEO to stand out in their industries. Discover how their keyword rankings surged, placing them at the forefront of the competitive landscape.

SEO Results for Miller Cake Studio

Miller Cake Studio, a charming haven for cake enthusiasts, embarked on a quest to sweeten their online presence. Through meticulous SEO strategies, keywords like “wedding cake pops Kildare” and “wedding cake pops Dublin” blossomed from past 50th and 4th positions to capture the esteemed 3rd and 1st rankings. Now, Miller Cake Studio’s delectable creations and coffee shop offerings beckon those seeking exceptional taste and craftsmanship.

Before SEO

April 2023

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  • wedding cake pops Dublin 4th
  • wedding cakes designs Kildare 10th
  • wedding cake Dublin 10th

After SEO

May 2023

  • wedding cake pops Kildare 3rd
  • wedding cake Kildare 12th
  • wedding cake pops Dublin 1st
  • wedding cakes designs Kildare 9th
  • wedding cake Dublin 12th

SEO Results for Liam Forde Outdoor Kitchens

Liam Forde Outdoor Kitchens, an extension of Forde Fitted Furniture’s legacy, embraced the digital realm to introduce their innovative outdoor culinary solutions. With keywords like “outdoor kitchen in Carlow” and “mini outdoor kitchen in Carlow,” our SEO prowess propelled them from past 50th positions to secure the coveted 1st rank. Liam Forde Outdoor Kitchens now stand as pioneers in the realm of alfresco dining, beckoning outdoor enthusiasts to savor a new level of culinary experiences.

Before SEO

April 2022

  • outdoor kitchen in carlow Past 50th
  • mini outdoor kitchen in carlow Past 50th
  • outdoor kitchens in carlow Past 50th
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    in carlow
    Past 50th
  • movable outdoor kitchen in carlow Past 50th

After SEO

May 2023

  • outdoor kitchen in carlow 1st
  • mini outdoor kitchen in carlow 1st
  • outdoor kitchens in carlow 1st
  • weather proof outdoor kitchen
    in carlow
  • movable outdoor kitchen in carlow 3rd

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

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