AK Clinic & Inside Out Nutrition

SEO Keyword Rankings Transformation

Welcome to the inspiring journey of AK Clinic and Inside Out Nutrition, two wellness businesses in Ireland that have redefined the standards of skincare and nutrition support. Let’s explore the SEO transformations that have elevated their digital presence and expanded their clientele.

SEO Results for AK Clinic

Before collaborating with us, AK Clinic in Carlow sought to establish a stronger online presence in the skincare and aesthetic industry. Our SEO expertise paved the way for their success, as keywords like “permanent makeup artists Carlow,” “permanent makeup tattoo,” and “semi-permanent brow tattoo Carlow” leaped from past 50th positions to secure the prestigious 2nd rank.

Before SEO

January 2022

  • permanent makeup artists Carlow Past 50th
  • permanent makeup tattoo
    artist Carlow
    Past 50th
  • semi-permanent brow tattoo Carlow 46th
  • powder brows Carlow 25th
  • semi-permanent makeup Carlow 22nd

After SEO

May 2023

  • permanent makeup artists Carlow 2nd
  • permanent makeup tattoo
    artist Carlow
  • semi-permanent brow tattoo Carlow 2nd
  • powder brows Carlow 3rd
  • semi-permanent makeup Carlow 3rd

SEO Results for Inside Out Nutrition

Inside Out Nutrition, a mission-driven nutrition clinic, aimed to provide evidence-based nutrition support to clients across Dublin. Our strategic SEO implementation worked wonders, propelling keywords like “dietitian Dublin,” “buy portion control products Dublin,” and “dietician near me in Dublin” from past 100th positions to secure impressive 10th, 1st, and 7th positions, respectively.

Before SEO

January 2023

  • dietitian Dublin Past 100th
  • portion control plate Dublin 2nd
  • buy portion control products Dublin 3rd
  • dietician near me in Dublin Past 100th
  • nutrition books Dublin 19th

After SEO

April 2023

  • dietitian Dublin 10th
  • portion control plate Dublin 2nd
  • buy portion control products Dublin 1st
  • dietician near me in Dublin 7th
  • nutrition books Dublin 10th

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

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