Why you need to invest in retargeting ads?

When your website is ranking high on Google and attracting visitors, it’s a great achievement. But did you know that most of these visitors won’t contact you on their first visit? They are also exploring your competitors. This is where retargeting ads come into play. Now that your online foundations are in place and you’re already ranking high on Google and experiencing improved visibility, it’s time to take the next step toward maximising your ROI.

Welcome to Stage 2 of Our Marketing Roadmap

Moving on to the next step in our marketing roadmap, let’s talk about retargeting ads. Once your website is good to go, ranking higher, and your Google My Business profile is optimised, it’s time to dive into the exciting part of digital marketing that brings in more returns. Retargeting ads are a key player here. 

They help bring back people who’ve already shown interest in your website. We strategically show ads on social media to remind them about your brand, highlight what you offer, and, most importantly, boost the chances of them making a purchase. This is the shift from setting up the basics to exploring the more dynamic and rewarding side of digital marketing for better results.

What can you expect from the ROI stage?

Well, get ready for a continuous surge in your return on investment. By using our expertise and just two proven strategies, you’ll see a remarkable increase in your ROI.

But What are Retargeting Ads?

Well, let’s keep it simple. Ever found yourself browsing online, checking out a product, maybe even adding it to your cart, but then got distracted and forgot about it? If so, you’ve likely experienced retargeting ads. So, what exactly are retargeting ads? Well, they’re a savvy marketing strategy designed to reconnect with individuals who have previously visited your website. These ads specifically hone in on people who have shown interest in your business but haven’t quite taken the plunge to make a purchase or complete a desired action.

How Do They Work?

Imagine you were eyeing a pair of shoes on a website but left without making a purchase. Suddenly, those exact shoes start popping up in your social media feeds, reminding you of what caught your eye. That’s the brilliance of retargeting ads. They use the information from your previous website visits to display personalised ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or other websites you visit.

The Impact of Retargeting Ads

By showcasing customised ads to these potential customers, retargeting keeps your brand in front of their eyes. This not only increases brand awareness but also acts as a gentle nudge, encouraging them to revisit your website and, ideally, complete the desired action—whether it’s making a purchase, signing up, or engaging with your content.

Retargeting ads are your digital reminder, ensuring that the products or services you were interested in don’t fade into the online world but stay front and centre, ready for you to explore further.

Setting Up Retargeting Ads

Setting up retargeting ads is a one-time process that provides long-term benefits. We recommend using video ads for their higher engagement rates. Once we set up the retargeting campaign, you can continue reaping its benefits for years to come. And you only pay once it’s all done. Our clients have found it to be a cost-effective strategy, as they only pay a few cents for each impression.

As you witness the results and gain more customers through retargeting ads, we can further enhance the strategy by creating specific ads for your products or services. By targeting those who have already visited your website and considering your increasing Google ranking, setting up retargeting ads is an obvious choice that will continuously improve your online presence.

Calculating Customer Value and ROI

To truly understand the value of retargeting ads, it’s important to consider the average customer’s worth and the lifetime value they bring to your business. We help you determine the average ticket item and how frequently customers make purchases. Additionally, we analyse the percentage of returning customers. The potential returns from retargeting ads can be substantial, making it an undeniable opportunity for boosting your ROI.

Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Throughout the retargeting ad campaign, we closely monitor and evaluate its performance, and we always keep you in the loop. After the first week, two more weeks, and at the six-week mark, we analyse various KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of the ads. This includes monitoring reach, clicks, average cost per click, total expenditure, average video playtime, the number of people adding to cart, purchases, and conversion value. We compile a detailed report with these results and provide it to you, offering valuable insights into the campaign’s success. Here’s what a report looks like:

Investing in retargeting ads is a logical next step in your marketing roadmap

To ensure your retargeting ad campaign is tailored to your unique needs, we offer a free consultation. During this conversation, we discuss your goals, suggest the type of video ad that would work best for your business based on available footage, and provide expert advice. It’s an opportunity to leverage our expertise and create a compelling retargeting ad that resonates with your target audience. With our digital marketing agency’s support, you can implement an effective retargeting ad campaign that maximises conversions, consistently boosting your ROI. Let’s talk.