Icon Fasteners Success Story

Marketing Strategies for Clients in the Construction Industry

Icon Fasteners came to us for help with marketing strategies for the construction industry. Their old-fashioned website and limited online presence were preventing them from reaching more customers. We provided them with a tailored marketing roadmap and helped modernise their online presence. Our efforts resulted in a 33.4% increase in organic traffic, improved user experience, and better navigation, leading to more conversions and driving business growth and success. Let’s discuss that.

The Problem

Prior Marketing Challenges in the Construction Industry

Icon Fasteners encountered various challenges, including limited product visibility, complex product information, and a lack of customer reviews. Additionally, their website was outdated, not user-friendly, and lacked optimisation for search engines. This made it difficult for potential customers to find information and hindered their ability to reach their target market and grow their business. The absence of a mobile-friendly website made everything worse, as more users rely on mobile devices for internet browsing.

Our Services

Marketing Strategies for Building Materials

To tackle these challenges, we implemented a range of stage 1 & 2 services of our marketing roadmap. We designed and developed a new, user-friendly website that was optimised for search engines and mobile devices. We implemented SEO foundations that included link building and Google My Business optimisation. We also provided monthly SEO services to continuously improve their search engine rankings and online visibility. These solutions helped Icon Fasteners overcome their marketing challenges and reach a wider audience, increasing their sales and customer satisfaction.

Icon Fasteners Website

Keyword Rankings In The Past Month

In just one month, our strategies led to great improvements in keyword rankings. For instance, keywords like “Internal Grilles & Vents in Wicklow” soared from beyond the 50th position to 1st place, demonstrating significant progress. Similarly, “Underfloor Ventilation in Wicklow” and “Through Wall Ventilation in Wicklow” both climbed from 26th and 5th positions to 2nd place. Additionally, “Sanding Equipment in Wicklow” and “Heavy-duty Wiring and Hardware in Wicklow” jumped from beyond the 50th position to 3rd place. These rapid advancements highlight the effectiveness of our approach.
December 2023 Rank
January 2024 Rank
Internal Grilles & Vents in Wicklow
Past 50th
Underfloor Ventilation in Wicklow
Through Wall Ventilation in Wicklow
sanding equipment in Wicklow
Past 50th
heavy-duty wiring and hardware in Wicklow
Past 50th

The Results

Our efforts resulted in a 33.4% increase in organic traffic to the website. In December 2023, the website had 1,114 visitors, but by January 2024, it had increased to 1,487. Additionally, our strategies helped the website rank on the first page of Google for multiple keywords, resulting in more visibility and traffic. The website’s user experience and navigation also improved, leading to more conversions and ultimately driving business growth and success for our client.

Start With A Free Marketing Report

Our partnership with Icon Fasteners proves that smart marketing can lead to big success in the construction industry. If you’re ready to see similar results for your business, get in touch with us today. We’d love to help you start building your digital foundations with a free report highlighting what needs to be done to improve your online presence.