SEO Strategy

Our proven SEO services have been developed over 6 years to align with Google’s SEO algorithm. They result in your business ranking higher each month until it’s in the top 3 search results, a position that is strategically maintained. We’ll tailor a roadmap for you, combining, if not all, most of the following SEO tasks.

Our SEO Approach

Organic SEO strategy

Our tried and tested SEO strategy targets keywords your business should be found high on Google for. We update you on progress made every month so you can see your rank consistently improving compared to previous months.

Content plan

If you’re not on Google’s first page, you’re missing out on potential customers. To get your business ranking in the top results, we’ll help you craft a consistent, relevant, and up-to-date content plan. Your website must be active to continue moving up the rankings, Google prioritises active websites in search results.

Blogging strategy

Websites that remain active post new pages in the form of blog posts, targeting the keywords they want to be found high for. Google is the most important reader, not people, because Google decides what businesses rank higher based on the activity and quality of content from each website.


Did you know that having an FAQs page can help you be found higher on Google? It also helps turn more visitors into customers by providing valuable answers to your customers’ frequently asked questions when they’re browsing your website at night when you’re business is closed. Think about it, if their questions are answered before contacting you, they are more qualified and likely to contact you, compared to a local competitor that doesn’t have FAQs.

Link building

When you’re searching for a local plumber, you probably type something like “plumbers near me” into Google, right? Well, if that plumber has their website listed in local directories and optimised for those kinds of searches, they’re more likely to pop up in your results. That’s what we do for your business online. With a proper linking strategy, we make sure you’re easy to find when people are looking for what you offer.

Updates on progress

Our monthly updates provide valuable, easy-to-understand insights into your business’s progress. We keep track of your climb in Google Search and Maps rankings, showing solid evidence of our SEO strategy’s effectiveness.

Success stories

The return on investment from ranking in the top 3 on Google has been jaw-dropping for many of our clients. Google loves websites that actively post valuable content and rewards them by moving them up the rankings for the keywords that are being targeted.

Get your website checked!

If you haven’t completed your foundations, you shouldn’t be getting excited about our ongoing SEO strategy yet. Good things come to those who wait, so start with your foundations and then focus on more SEO once you see the results from having the foundations done correctly. And it all begins with a free checkup.