Digital That Delivers Programme

What is the Digital That Delivers Programme?

The Digital That Delivers Programme is a grant programme established by Fáilte Ireland to help Irish tourism businesses operate more efficiently and adopt digital technologies. By embracing digital transformation, businesses can deliver a more competitive and resilient visitor experience, ultimately helping sustain Ireland’s reputation as a high-quality tourism destination.

What is the Goal of the Digital that Delivers programme?

The primary goal of the Digital That Delivers Programme is to help Irish tourism businesses stay ahead of the game by embracing digital transformation. By doing so, businesses can enhance their digital presence, operate more efficiently, and grow sustainably. 

The programme aims to enable visitors to book and discover Irish experiences through convenient channels, promote the tourism industry’s recovery, and facilitate competition with international competitors. It also allows cross-selling products and services between destinations and helps businesses operate efficiently and analyse consumer insights. The award of each grant is at Fáilte Ireland’s discretion, and compliance with eligibility criteria is essential.

Digital That Delivers Success Story

Check out our case study to learn how the Digital That Delivers grant revolutionized John’s Tours digitally. Upon approaching us, John Tours was already in the process of obtaining the grant after consulting with DTD. Having worked closely with John in the past, he opted to use the grant with us. Find out more about our DTD-targeted services below.

Is Your Business Eligible for the Digital That Delivers Grant?

The Digital That Delivers Programme supports the digital transformation of the visitor experiences sector, and eligible businesses include attractions, activities, and day tours. Specifically:
  • Attractions can be museums, galleries, heritage attractions, commercial attractions, and outdoor and natural attractions.
  • Activities involve visitors as active participants, such as water, land, or air-based activities, ‘making’ activities, or learning activities.
  • Day tours can be guided or self-guided and may take in several attractions, activities, or points of interest within a 24-hour period.
  • Multi-day courses are not eligible.

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