Case Study

How DTD Transformed John Tours Digitally

When John Tours approached us, they were already in the process of securing the Digital That Delivers grant through consultations with DTD. Having been in collaboration with John for several months in the past, he chose to utilise the grant with us. Our involvement went beyond mere paperwork and organisation, as we actively contributed to the implementation of various services outlined by the grant, ensuring that the funding was effectively utilised. As a distinguished member of The Approved Tour Guides of Ireland (ATGI), John Tours wanted to enhance its digital presence, seeking broader outreach and improved operational efficiency.

DTD Services We Implemented

And The Results?

fully booked for summer 2024

Our efforts have significantly benefited John Tours, improving their online booking system, website, and visibility. With more clients and higher conversions, they’re already booked up for the summer of 2024. This achievement is particularly noteworthy for a tour provider primarily serving clients from the US, as booking requests typically come in at least 5-6 months in advance due to the planning involved. We’re delighted to have played a part in their success, and John Tours continues to grow!

A Steadily Improving Online Presence

John has a full-service marketing agency by his side that understands his goals, working with him to achieve them. We’re always making improvements and sending him regular reports on how he’s doing in search engines and our team keeps tweaking and optimising his website and mobile interface to make sure it’s the best it can be. These continuous efforts made by John and our team result in improvements across all important aspects of his online presence.

Reasons Why John’s Tours was Chosen for The DTD

John Tours secured the Digital That Delivers (DTD) grant through a thorough process. As mentioned above, our collaboration started months earlier, and John, with our guidance, actively participated in each step of the DTD program. All our work, ongoing and past, underwent careful review and approval by DTD. The smooth interaction with DTD was supported by their detailed project descriptions and constructive feedback on our efforts.

Website Development and Optimization

UX and proper development go hand in hand. We organised the tours on the website for easy navigation, allowing visitors to find, read highlights, watch videos and reviews, and seamlessly book. Sections such as Ancestry Tours, Day Tours from Dublin, Dublin City Tours, Garden Tours, and Multi-Day Tours were strategically presented to highlight the unique offerings and USPs (Unique Selling Points).

Connected Online Booking System

Our team took charge of designing, activating, enhancing, upgrading, and configuring a connected online booking system, integrating Peek Grow – one of the tourism industry’s leading operating systems. This integration doesn’t just streamline the reservation process; it’s a game-changer for John Tours.

Once-off SEO Implementation

To boost online visibility and elevate search engine rankings, we executed a targeted SEO implementation for John Tours. This involved keyword research, on-page optimisation, and strategic linking. The outcome was an enhanced search engine positioning, ensuring John Tours stands out among competitors. As part of our foundation stage, we focused on increasing the website’s visibility and improving its ranking on search engines. This was achieved through optimising both the front and back end, incorporating researched keywords and strategic linking.

Keyword Research & Copywriting

In our ongoing keyword research and content strategy for John Tours, we specifically targeted industry-relevant keywords to maximise their online visibility and reach. We identified and incorporated key phrases such as “guided Irish tours,” “historical attractions in Ireland,” and “unique travel experiences Dublin” into their content.

This strategic integration aimed to align John Tours with the specific queries and interests of their target audience, making their services more discoverable in online searches. By tailoring the content strategy to address these specific keywords, we not only improved their search engine rankings but also ensured that the content resonates with potential customers seeking distinctive and memorable travel experiences in Ireland.

Ongoing SEO Strategy

Continuing our collaboration, we regularly fine-tune the content on John Tours’ website to stay up-to-date and effective. This involves adjusting the existing material to match the latest trends and what search engines like. We also make sure to publish interesting blogs that focus on topics like Irish history, cultural attractions, and travel tips, keeping John Tours’ audience engaged.

Our strategy goes beyond just words – we encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews, boosting John Tours’ credibility. We also include smart links in the content to make the website more authoritative and improve its performance on search engines. This all-around approach ensures that John Tours stays lively, captivating, and well-placed among other online travel services.

Videography & Photography

Even though the client provided some content, our team took it up a notch. We chose colours, made logos, and ensured everything fits the brand. We even improved the details like image quality and made sure people can easily find things and the tour information properly. Our designers worked hard to pick images that match each tour, making the whole website look amazing. Not to forget, we optimised the metadata, making it easy for search engines to understand, and ensured accessibility so that everyone can use the site.

While our initial description focused on design aspects, it’s worth noting that we also provided videography services. Our videographer spent a day with John, capturing various sites and experiences. The resulting high-quality video footage not only pleased the videographer, who learned a lot during the process but also provided valuable content for John’s website, portraying the unique experiences he offers to clients on tours.

Next Steps

In the coming months, we will keep working with John’s Tours to make their business even more visible online, improve their rankings on Google search and get more customers. We’ll do this by running ads that are designed to attract more bookings during the busiest times of the year – typically 6-12 months ahead of time, while we’ll also keep looking for new grants that can help John grow his business further.

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