The Roadmap Stage 2: What to expect from ROI stage

After successfully laying the foundations in stage 1, it’s time to build upon your online presence. Our ROI stage ensures a consistent return on your investment, helping you achieve sustainable growth.

Continuous ROI growth

What can you expect from the ROI stage? Well, get ready for a continuous surge in your return on investment. By using our expertise and just two proven strategies, you’ll see a remarkable increase in your ROI. As your rankings rise, more customers will be attracted to your business. At the same time, our retargeting efforts will bring back visitors, expanding your customer base even further. Just imagine: you make an initial investment, and the returns keep coming in. With our services spanning over six months, your ROI will not only grow but also continue to increase over the years. It’s like a never-ending cycle of success – here’s how we do it.

Did you know?

Websites ranking in the top 10 of Google search results receive over 90% of the organic traffic.

The higher your ranking, the greater the chances of people clicking on your website, engaging with your products or services, and ultimately converting into paying customers.

SEO Strategy

Ranking higher and dominating keywords

Once the basics are in place, get ready to see your website climb the Google search rankings. Your local keywords will secure a top-three position, ensuring your business gets noticed by the right audience. While it’s important to rank high for specific keywords, our ultimate goal is to continue excelling across all niche-relevant keywords. We want your business to claim a top-three spot in search results for all your target keywords and desired locations. By maintaining this position, you’ll strengthen your online visibility and attract a consistent stream of new customers. With our meticulous SEO strategies, your upward trajectory is certain.

Retargeted Ads

Turn window shoppers into loyal, paying customers

Did you know that over 92% of first-time website visitors don’t make a purchase or contact you on their initial visit? That’s where our retargeting expertise comes into play. We’ll strategically display customized ads to those interested in your products or services. By reconnecting with these potential customers, we’ll increase the likelihood of conversion and reinforce your brand presence. With our retargeting strategies, you can bring valuable traffic back to your website and maximize your chances of generating leads and sales. The best part? These ads involve a one-time payment, making it a cost-effective method with perpetual returns. Your ROI will continue to soar as your business constantly engages and targets a broader audience.


Get biweekly updates on achieved results and progress

Transparency and informed decision-making are essential to us. With our comprehensive reporting, you’ll receive biweekly updates on the results we’ve achieved and gain valuable insights into your campaign’s performance. Our reports go beyond keyword rankings and provide information on new traffic sources and the best-performing keywords. This insider knowledge will keep you ahead of the competition and enable you to optimize your marketing strategy further.

ROI Stage Results Overview

So what can you expect from this stage?

  • Higher rankings: Watch as your website climbs higher in search engine rankings, dominating both local and general keywords.
  • Increased customer base: Achieving top positions for important keywords has a significant impact on attracting new customers to your business.
  • Consistent growth: As we continue to improve your rankings, you’ll experience a steady increase in the number of new customers, providing a constant flow of business growth.
  • Improved ROI: Our strategies are designed to provide the highest ROI, and including retargeted ads further enhance your returns. With retargeting, you can continue to target potential customers and see continuous growth in your ROI.

ROI Calculator

Wondering what your potential ROI could be? Use our ROI calculator to estimate the returns you can expect from our stage 2 strategies.

Real-Life Success Stories

Want proof that our two strategies work? We have a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours increase ranking, drive more traffic and ultimately bring in a consistent flow of new customers. Check out our case studies.

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