Education for Sustainability Success Story

Education Marketing Services For Brand Awareness

Susan from Education for Sustainability approached us in November 2020 to promote their environmental education programs and corporate educational services. They wanted to improve their online visibility, build brand awareness and attract more visitors to their website. We helped them achieve this through fundamental marketing & SEO services, including content strategies and an impactful UX-friendly website redesign. By creating new pages focused on their goals and programs, they were able to make a lasting impact on Ireland’s sustainability and future generations. Let’s see the marketing roadmap we followed.

The Problem

Prior Challenges in Marketing Educational Programs

Education for Sustainability faced multiple challenges, both digital and non-digital. The digital challenges included an outdated and unoptimized website, lack of engagement, and competition in the education industry. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to pivot to online events while maintaining the quality of their services. Education for Sustainability also had to overcome the obstacle of raising awareness and understanding of sustainability and environmental education.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Services For The Education Industry

To overcome these challenges, we worked on frontend and backend SEO, website redesign, and social media optimization to improve their online visibility. We also created new SEO & UX optimized pages focused on their goals and programs, such as climate literacy initiatives, to inform, attract and retain visitors. By streamlining their website design and improving their social media presence with targeted CSR posts, we helped Education for Sustainability improve their rankings and be found among their competitors in the environmental education industry.

Education For Sustainability Website

Keyword Rankings In The Past Month

The rankings for Education for Sustainability kept getting better month after month, with significant improvements from December 2023 to January 2024. Now, they’re easily found on the first page of Google search results. For instance, they went from 3rd to 1st for “Sustainability in Schools Dublin,” 4th to 2nd for “School Sustainability Projects Dublin,” and 7th to 6th for “Sustainable School Dublin.” Even for more specific searches like “How to make a School more Sustainable Dublin,” they rose from 43rd to 11th position. This increased visibility has made it easier for people to find them when looking for environmental education resources in Dublin.
December 2023 Rank
January 2024 Rank
Sustainability in Schools Dublin
School Sustainability Projects Dublin
Sustainable School Dublin
How to make a School more Sustainable Dublin
Environmental Educator Dublin

The Results

Our marketing roadmap for Education for Sustainability delivered great results. Their website saw an 83% increase in visitors, from 237 in December 2023 to 433 in January 2024. People also spent more time on their site, going from 53 seconds to 1 minute and 9 seconds on average. We attracted more new users, jumping from 316 to 523, and brought back more returning users, from 80 to 121. Now, they’re at the top of Google for key searches. Their blog is full of helpful info and ranks well on search engines, boosting their online presence.

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