SEO Success Story

Fire Pits & Pieces

Achieving Remarkable Rankings in a Competitive Market

After taking over the business from their father, Eva and Keith McDonald approached us in February 2022, intending to increase website traffic and attract new clients. Our comprehensive SEO approach addressed the website’s optimization issues and implemented strategic improvements.

Where they ranked before & after we worked on SEO

Prior to our SEO efforts, Fire Pits & Pieces were positioned beyond the 50th spot for their targeted keywords. However, thanks to our comprehensive SEO strategy, they experienced a significant turnaround, now securing top positions on Google’s search results. Their remarkable progress is evident as they currently rank on the first two pages of the search engine, with their standout achievement being the coveted first position for the highly competitive keyword “Custom fire pits Ireland.” Additionally, they have achieved prominent rankings for other crucial keywords, including “Fire pits Ireland,” “Best fire pits Laois,” “Garden fire pits,” “Outdoor fire pits Ireland,” “Fire pits online Ireland,” “Custom fire pits Ireland,” and more.

Before SEO

February 2022

Where they ranked before we started

  • Fire Pits Laois 20th
  • Custom fire pits Laois 20th
  • Custom fire pits Ireland Past 50th
  • Best fire pits in Ireland Past 50th
  • Fire pits Ireland Past 50th
  • Outdoor fire pits ireland Past 50th

After SEO

June 2023

Where they ranked after

  • Fire Pits Laois 1st
  • Custom fire pits Laois 1st
  • Custom fire pits Ireland 1st
  • Best fire pits in Ireland 3rd
  • Fire pits Ireland 3rd
  • Outdoor fire pits ireland 6th

February 2022

Ranking past 50th for “custom fire pits Ireland”

June 2023

Ranking #1 on Google for “custom fire pits Ireland”

How we took Fire Pits & Pieces from invisible to #1

We conducted in-depth keyword research to improve their visibility and increase organic traffic and optimized the website’s content accordingly. Our approach involved a combination of on-page and technical SEO optimizations, ensuring the website effectively targeted relevant search queries.

Our SEO Essentials

Step 1

Firstly we performed an audit that revealed their existing website was not optimized for search engines.

Step 2

We addressed this issue by optimizing the website’s structure, improving the design, and enhancing the mobile experience.

Step 3

We implemented quick-fix SEO techniques, created new product pages, and enhanced the main shop page to provide a better user experience.

Step 4

Additionally, we initiated ongoing SEO efforts, significantly improving their search engine rankings.

Step 5

We also discovered their Google My Business profile was lacking optimization, so we optimized it with high-quality images, reviews, updated information, and relevant keywords.

Step 6

Our SEO boost extended to the redesign of the shop page, the homepage, and the mobile version of the website.

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