SEO Success Story

Inside Out Nutrition's SEO Breakthrough

Inside Out Nutrition, a leading nutrition provider, aimed to improve their online presence and reach a wider audience. Through our strategic SEO efforts, we helped them achieve significant growth and secure top rankings on Google.

How we took Inside Out Nutrition to Google’s top

Through our SEO efforts, Inside Out Nutrition achieved remarkable improvements in their keyword rankings. For example, they now rank first for the keyword “buy portion control products in Dublin,” seventh for “dietician near me,” and tenth for “dietitian Dublin.” This significant progress catapulted them to the top Google search results positions.

Before SEO

January 2023

  • portion control plate Dublin 2nd
  • buy portion control products
  • dietician near me in Dublin Past 100th
  • dietitian Dublin Past 100th

After SEO

April 2023

  • portion control plate Dublin 2nd
  • buy portion control products
  • dietician near me in Dublin 7th
  • dietitian Dublin 10th

Our SEO Essentials


Conducted a comprehensive website audit to identify areas for optimization.


Conducted extensive keyword research to identify valuable keywords


Optimized the website’s structure, design, and mobile experience.

User Experience

Redesigned the shop page, homepage, and mobile version of the website.


reated new product pages and enhanced the main shop page.


Optimized the Google My Business profile with high-quality images, reviews, and relevant keywords.

On-page SEO

Optimised on-site SEO elements like meta tags, header tags, and content.

Technical SEO

Conducted technical optimization for improved site speed and mobile-friendliness.

Link Building

Implemented a link-building strategy to earn backlinks from reputable

Ongoing SEO

We keep optimizing their website content, maintaining the top positions on Google Rankings.

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