Google Ads Success Story

Waterford Greenway Cycle Tours & Bike Hire

Generating 6x Return on Investment with Google Ads

Waterford Greenway Cycle Tours & Bike Hire, a provider of reliable and affordable bikes along the scenic Waterford Greenway, faced challenges in effectively promoting their services and generating bookings. Dissatisfied with previous advertising efforts, owner John Purcell turned to us for a solution. Through our effective Google Ads campaign and the right approach, we generated outstanding results for him. Here’s how we did it.

Creation of a Google Ads landing page

Recognizing the significance of a well-designed and user-friendly landing page, we recommended building a personalized landing page for Waterford Greenway. While we didn’t handle the website development in the past, this time, we advised on the essential elements required for a high-converting landing page. This included clear and compelling calls to action, relevant information about the services offered, and a seamless user experience.

The challenges

Before partnering with us, Waterford Greenway struggled to achieve satisfactory results from their advertising initiatives. Previous attempts with other digital marketing companies fell short, leaving John feeling dissatisfied. He wanted to increase the visibility of his bike hire services, attract more customers, and ultimately drive bookings. Overcoming these challenges required a well-planned and targeted approach to maximize the potential of Google Ads.

Our approach

Clear and measurable objectives

We set specific goals, allowing us to track progress and ensure alignment with desired outcomes.

Thorough audience research

We conducted in-depth research to identify relevant keywords and create compelling ad copy.

Optimal budget allocation

We strategically allocated funds to target impactful keywords and placements, maximizing the effectiveness of Waterford Greenway’s ads.

Remarketing techniques

We reconnected with users who had shown interest but hadn’t converted, reinforcing brand awareness and increasing conversions.

Personalized landing page

We recommended building a customized landing page with clear calls-to-action, relevant information, and a seamless user experience.

The results

The Google Ads campaign we designed and executed delivered an impressive 6x return on investment. The consistent influx of new customers and increased bookings resulted in a substantial boost in turnover for the business. The campaign’s success enabled us to confidently recommend increasing the daily budget, allowing Waterford Greenway to capture an even larger market share and sustain their growth.

6x ROI

Increased Bookings

Sustainable Growth

New Customers

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