SEO Success Story

Relaxing Therapies

Reaching the Top of Google With Wellness SEO

Discover the incredible journey of Relaxing Therapies, a serene massage clinic in the heart of South Dublin. With fierce competition in the wellness industry, they sought to overcome their online challenges and be found online as a trustworthy provider of relaxation and rejuvenation.

How We Took Relaxing Therapies to Google’s Top

We collaborated closely with Angelika, understanding her business’ specific goals and challenges. Through our dedicated efforts, their online presence flourished, attracting more customers and gaining top positions on Google.


We conducted a comprehensive website audit, pinpointing areas for optimization and addressing their unique needs.


In close consultation with Relaxing Therapies, we conducted extensive keyword research, targeting relevant and valuable keywords.


Understanding their brand identity, we optimized their website’s structure, design, and mobile experience to reflect their vision.


Collaborating closely, we redesigned crucial pages like the shop, homepage, and mobile version, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Based on their preferences, we created new product pages and enhanced the main shop page, boosting their online sales.


With their input, we optimized the Google My Business profile with high-quality images, reviews, and meaningful keywords.

On-page SEO

We fine-tuned on-site SEO elements, including meta tags, header tags, and content, aligning with their brand voice.

Technical SEo

Understanding their requirements, we conducted technical optimization, improving site speed and mobile-friendliness.

Link Building

We implemented a link-building strategy to earn valuable backlinks from reputable websites.

Ongoing SEO

Building a lasting partnership, we continually optimize their website content, maintaining top positions on Google.

SEO Results

With our SEO efforts, Relaxing Therapies significantly improved their keyword rankings. Keywords like “full body massage gift voucher Dublin,” “massage gift voucher Dublin,” and “holistic therapy Dublin” climbed from past 50th positions to 2nd and 4th rankings, attracting more potential clients and boosting their online presence.

Before SEO

September 2021

Where they ranked before we started

  • full body massage
    gift voucher Dublin
    Past 50th
  • massage gift voucher Dublin Past 50th
  • holistic therapy Dublin Past 50th
  • holistic therapist Dublin Past 50th
  • massage therapy Dublin Past 50th

After SEO

May 2023

Where they ranked after

  • full body massage
    gift voucher Dublin
  • massage gift voucher Dublin 2nd
  • holistic therapy Dublin 4th
  • holistic therapist Dublin 5th
  • massage therapy Dublin 8th

Overview Success Story

Curious about how we helped Relaxing Therapies dominate South Dublin's massage and wellness industry?

Discover the complete success story here. See how we transformed their website, boosted their SEO rankings, and improved their social media strategy, ultimately increasing their online presence and customer base. Read Now.


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