Waterford Greenway & Candy Co

SEO Keyword Rankings Transformation

Step into the realm of Irish business success stories as we showcase the SEO journeys of two of our clients, Waterford Greenway and Candy Co. With ongoing optimization strategies and innovative digital marketing solutions, we strive to ensure their offerings reach and delight audiences throughout Ireland.

SEO Results for Waterford Greenway

Waterford Greenway, a premier bike hire service, reached out, seeking to enhance their online reach and prominence. Through our dedicated SEO efforts, keywords like “bike tours Ireland” and “Ireland bicycle hire” underwent remarkable leaps, catapulting from past 50th positions to secure the 2nd and 3rd rankings on Google Maps. Waterford Greenway now stands tall as a go-to destination for quality bike tours and rentals along the picturesque Waterford Greenway.

Before SEO

January 2023

  • bike tours ireland Past 50th
  • Ireland bicycle hire 50th
  • Cycling Ireland Past 50th
  • Bike Rental Past 50th
  • Bike shops waterford 30th

After SEO

June 2023

  • bike tours ireland 2nd
  • Ireland bicycle hire 3rd
  • Cycling Ireland 16th
  • Bike Rental 9th
  • Bike shops waterford 9th

SEO Results for Candy Co

Candy Co, a treasure trove of delightful sweets, aimed to establish an irresistible online presence. Our tailored SEO strategy bore fruit, with keywords such as “wholesale USA candy in Ireland” and “online sweet shop Ireland” surging from past 50th and 10th positions to secure the prestigious 1st and 2nd ranks. Candy Co is now synonymous with indulgence, offering a wide range of American and imported sweets to satisfy every palate.

Before SEO

October 2021

  • wholesale usa candy in Ireland Past 50th
  • online sweet shop Ireland 10th
  • retro sweets in Ireland 3rd
  • american sweets in Ireland 5th

After SEO

May 2023

  • wholesale usa candy in Ireland Past 50th
  • online sweet shop Ireland 10th
  • retro sweets in Ireland 3rd
  • american sweets in Ireland 5th

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

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