What's our SEO keyword ranking reports all about?

How is your website doing in search results? Are your keyword rankings going up or down? Let’s get straight to it. Our SEO keyword ranking reports are like scorecards for your website’s performance on search engines. They provide insights into the position of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs) and Google Maps for specific keywords. Essentially, they help you figure out if your website appears on page one or page 100 of search results for phrases related to your business. But why does this matter?

Why We Track Your Keyword Rankings

1. To Determine the Keywords to Optimize
When we start working with you, we need to understand where you currently stand, like finding your place on a map. After the first SEO audit, these reports show us which keywords your website ranks for and on which pages. For example, if you’re selling cameras, these reports help us know if your site shows up when people search for “best digital cameras” or “camera reviews.” This tells us what keywords to focus on to improve your rankings.
2. To Find the Keywords Your Competitors are Ranking For

You’re not alone in the online world. It’s a crowded marketplace, and your competitors are like other businesses on the same street. Our reports let us spy on them. We can see which keywords they’re ranking for and which pages are doing well for them. Imagine you own a pizza shop, and there’s another pizza place across the street. You’d want to know if they’re getting more customers, right? Our reports help us do just that for your online competition.

3. To Measure the Evolution of Your Ranking Position
As we work on optimizing your site, it’s crucial to track your progress. Think of it like climbing a mountain. Our reports help us see if you’re moving up or sliding down. Let’s say your nutrition website was on page 2 of Google’s results for “healthy meal delivery.” With our efforts, we aim to get you to page 1. These reports help us see if we’re making progress toward that goal.
4. To Know If You've Been Punished by Google
Google has its rules, and if your website doesn’t play by them, you can get penalized – like breaking traffic laws and getting a ticket. Our reports help us spot if Google isn’t happy with your site and if we need to fix something.
5. To Assign Keywords to the Traffic Generated on Your Pages
Imagine your website as a fishing boat. Different baits (keywords) catch different fish (visitors). Our reports help us figure out which baits are working best. For instance, if you’re using “vegan recipes” and “healthy meal prep” as bait, we want to know which one is attracting more visitors.

Check Up

These reports are like your website’s health check. We look at your vital stats (keyword rankings) and prescribe remedies when needed. We keep you in the loop, sharing these reports regularly, much like a doctor would explain your check-up results.

Our Ongoing Monitoring Process

We’re all about consistent improvement. SEO is not a one-time deal; it’s an ongoing process. We audit and send you reports regularly to keep you in the loop. If a particular page isn’t performing well, we tweak it. Whether it’s your online store’s product page or blog content, we keep a close eye on website traffic and sales. For instance, if a product page isn’t attracting many visitors, we’ll optimize it with better descriptions and images.

Six Factors Influencing Your SEO Ranking

Our reports are your window into this dynamic process. We look at various aspects that influence your website’s SEO ranking, including:

1. Keyword Selection: These are the words people use to find what they need online. If you're a travel agency, we'd choose keywords like "best travel deals" or "family vacation packages" to attract travelers.

2. Quality of Content: Content is king in the digital realm. Our reports assess the quality of your content and recommend improvements.

3. Expertise and Trustworthiness: The E-A-T factor (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) plays a big role in ranking. Just like customers trust a certified mechanic to fix their cars, Google trusts websites that demonstrate expertise. For instance, if you're offering financial advice, you must show that you're knowledgeable in the field.

4. Backlinks: Ah, link building! Think of backlinks as recommendations from other websites. It's like friends telling others about a great restaurant. Google sees these recommendations as a sign that your site is credible.

5. Site Structure and Design: Your website's structure and design are like the layout of a store. Customers (website visitors) should find what they need easily. If your site is confusing, they might leave.

6. User Experience: This is about how comfortable and enjoyable it is for visitors to use your website. A user-friendly site is like a friendly store where customers feel welcome and can quickly find what they want.

So What Happens After?

After closely monitoring all these elements, we don’t leave you hanging. We’ll send you detailed reports that not only explain your website’s performance but also offer personalized recommendations and actionable suggestions. Our proactive approach ensures we’re always one step ahead. We constantly tweak our strategies to adapt to changing conditions, providing you with a well-prepared SEO roadmap for continued growth. We’re committed to helping your website reach its full potential, and our reports are your roadmap to get there.

Curious to See What Our Reports Look Like?

If you ever wonder how the report looks, we’re always ready to provide you with a few snapshots. Alternatively, we can start with a free audit report, and soon after that and once you decide to work with us, you’ll be getting your own personalized monthly keyword ranking reports on a very regular basis. Don’t forget, we want to explain everything so that you always know what to expect. We believe in overcommunication, so you’re always in the loop with our strategies and their results. Till the next one.