Success Story Overview

Genevieve Ryan

Boosting a dance academy’s digital personality

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy wanted a website that reflected their brand and enabled them to offer dance classes online. They also wanted to ensure that their dance academy could be easily found on Google when people searched for keywords like “dance classes in Galway” and “dance classes in Connacht.” To achieve this, they applied for the Trading Online Voucher, which funded 50% of their project costs.

Creating a User-Friendly Experience

The old website did not adequately represent the dance academy’s quality of service and brand image. Our team redesigned the website to align it with Genevieve’s vision and create a user-friendly experience for visitors. We added a built-in booking system that allows people to book and pay for classes online with ease, giving the website a unique personality that went beyond the typical dance class website template.

Improving Google Rankings

To enhance the website’s visibility on Google, we implemented advanced SEO strategies to rank higher for target keywords like “online dance classes Galway” and “kids dance classes Galway.” We made the website fully responsive to all mobile devices, which increased conversion rates. By the end of our SEO implementation, Genevieve ranked in the top 3 search results for competitive keywords.

Before SEO

November 2020

Where they ranked before we started

  • kids dance classes Galway 21st
  • dance classes in Galway 36th
  • online dance classes Galway 20th
  • teen dance classes Galway 26th
  • Adult dance classes Galway 28th
  • hip hop dance classes Galway 22nd
  • contemporary dance classes Galway 22nd

After SEO

May 2023

Where they ranked after

  • kids dance classes Galway 1st
  • dance classes in Galway 2nd
  • online dance classes Galway 2nd
  • teen dance classes Galway 2nd
  • Adult dance classes Galway 2nd
  • hip hop dance classes Galway 2nd
  • contemporary dance classes Galway 2nd

Website Success Story

Creating an impactful web design to attract customers

When Genevieve Ryan approached us, her dance school’s website was not offering a streamlined experience. After the website redesign, she now boasts a modern and visually appealing design that properly showcases her dance school’s variety of classes and accolades. Here’s how we did it.

SEO Success Story

Achieved Top Google Rankings in Galway

Genevieve Ryan saw a significant increase in traffic, enquiries, and class sign-ups via their website after implementing our dance school SEO services. In just a few weeks, we took her from invisible online to ranking first for keywords such as ‘contemporary dance classes Galway’, ‘online dance classes Connacht’ and many others. Here’s how we did it.

conversion rates



Ongoing SEO Improvements

Everlasting results

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy’s online presence was revitalized, resulting in more new clients booking classes through the new online function. They also saw a noticeable increase in brand recognition and inquiry rates. Our team continues working with Genevieve, developing professional video content and a blog targeting keywords further and using advanced and targeted SEO and marketing strategies to enhance their online presence.

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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say