How a Google My Business Profile can help you be found online

If you’re not found on Google Maps, you might as well be invisible. So, where do you start? Imagine your business as a hidden gem in a super crowded, huge city. You know it’s a fantastic place, but how do you make sure others discover it when searching on Google Maps? That’s where Google My Business comes in handy – putting your business on the map, both literally and digitally. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through why setting up your Google My Business profile is a crucial step on our SEO roadmap.

What Exactly is Google My Business (GMB)?

Think of it as your online business card on Google. It’s like putting your store on Google Maps and in local search results. With GMB, you can share important info about your business, such as when you’re open, reviews, services or products available, how to get in touch, and even a link to your website. Plus, here’s the big deal – for you to rank high, Google Business Profile is vital on the list for local SEO factors, helping you rise above your local competitors. Without an optimized profile, you’ll probably continue getting very few customers online.

Why Do You Need a GMB Profile?

Let’s imagine you’re in a new city. You Google “best pizza near me.” What do you see? Local pizza places, complete with addresses, hours, reviews, and photos of the pizzas people have taken there. That’s the power of GMB. Now, picture this: you own the best pizza joint in town, but you’re not being found high on Google Maps. Guess what? You’re missing out on all those hungry customers looking for you. FYI, people usually find what they need in the top 3-5 restaurants. Pizza is pizza.

So, why Google My Business?

The Benefits of Google My Business Profile (aka Google Maps Profile)

Google My Business is a must-have tool for modern businesses, and here’s why. First, it boosts your visibility on Google, making it easier for potential customers to discover you. Second, it’s a hub for connecting with your customers personally, building trust and loyalty. 

Alsooooo, the backend of GMB gives you valuable insights about local SEO. This is where you see how people find your business, what they type in, where they’re from, how many people ask for directions, call you, visit the site, and more – perfect for understanding your (potential) customers better, which makes it easy to improve everything.

On top of that, honest reviews about your products or services, right there on your Business Profile, help people make informed choices and increase their satisfaction. People trust people, not businesses. These reviews set your business apart, boosting its reputation and credibility. In a world where social proof guides our decisions, platforms like Google My Business (aka Google Maps) make it simple to gather recommendations with just a few clicks.

Why Do I Need a Website If I Have Google My Business?

Great question! The ranking of your business depends on the amount of SEO work done on your website. Surprise, surprise, if you just have a GMB profile, you won’t rank high for all the keywords you want to be found for.

If you are not sure if the SEO fundamentals have been done on your website (aka, if you are not getting customers from online), click here for a report on what has been done, what hasn’t, and where you rank. Also, I think we can all relate to using Google Maps to find quick, on-the-go info (especially when we’re on mobile). Some of us need more details before we commit to making a decision. Without a website, you’re potentially missing out on these curious customers. 

A website serves as your digital storefront, where customers can explore every nook and cranny of your business, from your history, the quality of your products and services, proof of work, and more. Anyway, most people are checking your business out in the evening when it’s not acceptable to call. Make it easy for them to contact you through the website.

How We Optimize Your GMB

We take your Google Maps profile from bad, okay, or good to excellent. And if you don’t have one, we’ll create it from scratch. We’ll fully optimize it so it’s done properly and bring your business to life with high-quality photos and engaging videos. We also help you generate reviews because, as we all know, before making up our minds, we all read reviews cause, simply, people trust people. It’s all about making your business trustworthy and appealing.

“64% of consumers use Google My Business to find contact details for local businesses, 94% of calls to local businesses come from GMB on weekdays, and an average business is discovered in over 1,000 monthly searches.”

- GITNUXMARKETDATA Google My Business 2023

Why Google Reviews Matter

Did I mention Google Reviews? Yes, it’s also part of your Google My Business Profile, and as said above, we help you seamlessly generate them because you NEED them. Also, reviews can help boost your Google My Business ranking, especially if reviews mention keywords and locations, for example, “best Guinness in Dublin.” When customers leave reviews, it encourages others to do the same. It’s like a chain reaction. The more reviews you have, the more visitors you’ll get. Here’s why they matter: 

  • Credibility & Social Proof: We’re social creatures, and we trust other people’s recommendations. Think of reviews like your online word-of-mouth. 
  • Competitive Edge: Positive reviews set you apart from the competition. Imagine choosing between a restaurant with 1,465 reviews with a 4.3 average star rating versus one with 12 reviews and an average star rating of 4.8. Which one would you pick?
  • Customer Loyalty: When customers leave reviews, they feel a connection with your business. It’s like having a conversation. Reviews also tell you what your customers think and want. This helps you improve and keep your audience happy.
  • SEO Boost: Reviews are a prominent ranking factor in local search. They help your business stand out, even if your website doesn’t have a ton of traffic. Plus, good reviews work like ads, building your brand and keeping it in people’s minds.

Here’s a Story of Google Maps Success

Creating your Google My Business profile is where your story begins in stage one of the roadmap, the Foundations, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s look at this hair salon in Dublin City Centre, Moyo Hair & Beauty. They teamed up with us on their journey and optimized their GMB profile as the very first step we took together. 

Now, after a few years, out of all salons in Dublin, they have the second-highest amount of reviews in Dublin. They reply to these reviews, connect with customers, add photos and videos, share updates, and showcase their services. It took time but paid off, as they appeared prominently in local searches for keywords such as “hairdresser in Dublin” and many others. By boosting their local SEO, Moyo consistently brought in many new customers. Curious about how it all unfolded?