Our design roadmap for a website that converts

Welcome back! Last time, we discussed the intricacies of our SEO roadmap. Today, it’s all about our website design roadmap—from audits to reports, design elements, and beyond. In this chapter of our marketing roadmap, let’s focus on the bedrock—our design process and everything it comes with, so that you know what to expect while in “Foundations”. Ready to dive into the nitty-gritty of creating a website that not only looks good but converts visitors into paying customers? Let’s roll.

Website Design Roadmap Step-by-Step

In a world of fleeting attention spans, we’re all about quality over quantity. Your website isn’t just a collection of pages, but in fact, your online persona. So, we better work on that. From the words on the page to the colors and fonts, everything should shout who you are. And what’s the deal with web design and its best practices? Well, we’ve got the lowdown to set you on the right track, covering everything from choosing a website sitemap to nailing your design concept.

Discovery Phase & Zoom Consultation

First things first, our discovery phase. We sit down with you to chat. The project manager and content strategist then whip up a creative brief and sitemap, laying the groundwork. For more complex ventures, we dive deeper with the design team, drafting UX and research goodies to ensure we’re armed with all the right info.

Designing for Conversion & Brand Awareness

Let’s talk goals. As you waltz through designing your website, the elements you choose should align with what you aim to achieve. Selling photos? We go for a sleek portfolio with an online store. Job hunting? We keep it simple and professional. And here’s a nugget: according to Forbes, consistent branding isn’t just a pretty face; it contributes to a whopping 23% increase in revenue. We nail your brand style early, so your team’s singing from the same hymn sheet.

Competitor Analysis and Sitemap Creation

Fill out a questionnaire to help us get started, and we’re onto analyzing your unique selling points and sizing up the competition – and much more obviously, but your input does help. Who knows your business better than yourself? Anyway, back to your competitors. What are they up to? Where do they shine or stumble? We’re not about mimicking but strategically positioning your website keeping all these in mind. 

And then comes the sitemap—a visual roadmap of your site’s pages. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ll whip it up for you, grouping pages with similar designs for that seamless user experience. Same happens if you don’t have a website at all. The whole design roadmap will be created from scratch, tailored always to your needs & expectations.

Producing Example Content

Now, the fun begins. Lorem ipsums. Speaking from experience, this stage is a bit of a nightmare, not just for me but for most copywriters. Why? Cause, yes, we have to match the design to our content. And also do SEO. Loads to be discussed here, but let’s keep rolling and focus (I’ll just take another blog to talk about that for those interested, not many I know). 

So what happens here… our designers throw in some first lorem ipsums—dummy content to visualize your website’s layout and formatting. Basically, a sneak peek into the look and feel of your site. We share these staging links with you and then long for your feedback and corrections. 

You’re in the spotlight here and we always keep you in the looop. Later, as we lay the foundations for your digital design and once you approve our design, we get practical and prep all your web content—images, text, logos, videos, you name it. Using your own material ensures your content is not just unique but fully branded, reflecting your vision and inside information.

Creating Design Elements for User Experience

User experience is the name of the game. Depending on your wireframes, we craft logos, footers, headings, navigation bars, sidebars, images or videos, and buttons. It’s not random; it’s a guided journey through your site, ensuring users find what they need with ease. 

Keep in mind that when your website is easy to use, people stick around longer, understand your offerings better, and are more likely to become customers. Sadly, many businesses miss out on this because they lack the know-how, and they just think, “the website is fine how it is….”. Anyway, find out more about UX design and why it matters here.

Testing Your Mock-Up Design

Now, you have a mockup of your final design. But hold the horses; we’re not going live just yet. Testing is crucial. Click those buttons, load different URLs, and ensure everything’s ship-shape before hitting “launch.” It’s not only about aesthetics, but also about making sure your design functions seamlessly.

Post-Launch A/B Testing

Ah, launching is just the beginning. A/B testing comes up next. What we do here, you may wonder, well, we change up elements and measure what works best for your goals. Maybe a light blue button outperforms a dark blue one? Heat maps come into play, revealing how mobile visitors use your site. No “final product” in web design—it’s about continual testing to meet your visitors’ evolving needs.

Content Marketing Strategy and Beyond

We’re almost done. Or maybe not. So, the website audit is a beast with many parts, and now our content team takes the reins, cause content is king. And if you think that content is only about publishing, then you’re absolutely wrong –  it’s about consistently delivering top-notch blogs, landing pages, posts, videos, or podcasts to attract attention, drive traffic, and convert leads.

Too many terms, but yeah, you know what I mean. Strategy, Relevancy, Authority, Optimization, Conversion. So we analyze every puzzle piece through the lens of a user – (and then software, of course), checking out what content others produce and why it works. And then comes your tailored content strategy.


And there you have it—a comprehensive guide through our website design roadmap. From understanding the importance of a website design roadmap and diving into examples of website analysis to creating an effective online roadmap, we’ve covered it all. 

That’s a wrap for now. Remember, quality assurance is at the core of our process, so our website design roadmap is your guide to a site that doesn’t just look good but also works wonders. Stay tuned for more insights, and if you haven’t already, since we already mentioned content above – check out our content marketing strategy blog post to see why content is also worth investing in. Let’s keep rolling!